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Sunday, March 22, 2009

By Zauji... (Sebagai Hamba...)

Segala puji bagi Allah.


Last three weeks, there is a conference conducted by Sister In Islam (SIS) which had caused "havoc" among the Muslim. Quite funny to think our Muslim minds who only "havocing" when there is "media" talk attacking Islam. Whereas, when there is no "media" attack, we do not mind and do not care. I am not gonna talk about the "havoc". What SIS did was normal for them. We could not deny half of what they are saying as true. For example "how bad our Shari'ah administration is". However, we also could not stay put to see they change the word of Allah into what they want from their desire and lust towards the world. Inheritence law, aurah, duty of a woman and husband etc is fixed by Allah in Qur'an and Sunnah which could not be change untill the end of time.

Thus, i do not want to talk about that issue either because it is still far from discussion among us when we are still in a stage where we do not have even strong basic to fight those who are changing the word of Allah as what been done by the Jewish all the time. What basis we are still weak? Many among us is IIUM graduates. How come we are weak?We are weak in the sense of ta'abud. Fealing of obeying and fear are not within us. None of our action shows slightest fear of Allah. Let us compare ourself with the most pious man and the one who fear Allah every second of his breath. Muhammad ibn Abdullah. Look at his action. He pray with all the fealing of humbleness and he pray as what been ordered to him. He pray when he is ordered to pray and the order come from Almighty Allah. How do we pray? We pray when we want to pray. We pray as we wish to pray and do not follow the guidance of the Prophet. Muhammad act in his duty as father, leader, friends etc with the fear of Allah's duty burden on his shoulders. We? We are father and friends who follow our lust and love towards what is the best for us in this world.How Muhammad speak? He speak what is true from the Qur'an and guidance from Allah. He speak with fear that he might conveyed wrong message of Allah. How do we speak? We speak without fear of Allah even a bit. We speak to our boss and friends what they want to hear instead of what they suppose to hear.

Thus we change the word of Allah to fit the desire of people around us.How Muhammad see wealth? He see it nothing precious to hold on to the extand he has nothing to eat except dry dates for his family. Where is his property? All are used in the path of Allah. Us? We collect wealth as if we not gonna gain anymore in the future. We said "the prophet is different". Then are we different from Muhammad who is guidance to human? How could a guidance be diferrent from us? Is Abu Bakar different? He takes only what is need to eat for him and his family during his Chaliphate. Even before, he donates all of his wealth for war against the enemy of Allah. Are we different from Umar Abdul Aziz who only has single garment whereas he is the leader of Muslim empire?

Are we not the same with Ikhwanul Muslimin during Hassan Al-Banna era where they only take from their salary what is need to feed their family and the rest of their salary is put in the fund for thier struggle in upholding the words of Allah?Why is that Muhammad and those people above could performed such miracle? Is it miracle? NO IT IS NOT. It is their strong sense of ta'abud, love, fear towards Allah that make them a strong ummah. Can we be like them?
Yes and No. Yes if we start from today read the Qur'an and follow what is clear without asking. No if we keep delaying and asking "why Allah order me so". Yes if we start from today throw away our love for the world and see world as nothing but a place to rest a little before going back to our Creator.
No if we keep saying "we need the world" and leave the deeds for the day when we meet our Creator. Yes when we start to wake up at night to bow down at Allah and in the day we take our "pen", "laptop", "swords" to fight against those who deny Allah and the day of judgement. No if we sleep like an animal at the night and in the day the only thing we could think of "when is my wealth will be increasing".Fear Allah O human. He is the most Merciful thus, He also the owner of the most terrible place of torture the Jahannam. I am a slave as you all are. We own nothing even our own soul. Everything belongs to Allah the Almighty. Allah knows best...

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