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Sunday, March 22, 2009

By zauji... (Try to judge this statemant)

Segala puji bagi Allah tuhan sekalian alam.

This is a statement given by one activist of sister in Islam regarding inheritence law in Islam. Look at this statement and try to think whether what she said is correct or wrong and what is the reason to say so. In doing so, my advice is look at what the Qur'an and Sunnah said. Second, look at the concept of Shari'ah esspecialy the concept of "clear law in the texts is until the end of the world". Another important advice is do not be "angkuh and takabur" to refer to previous scholars of Muslim who unederstand the Qur'an and the Sunnah. The Prophet learn the Qur'an from Jibril and the guidence of "wahyu" from Allah and the companions learn Islam from the Prophet and the tabi'in learn from the companions. There is a big different between those who Allah gives them "faqih" in relegion and those who just use reason in life. May Allah guide you all in your life.

The New Straits Times - Review Muslim inheritance law
Friday, 13 February 2009
By June Ramli
KUALA LUMPUR: The rules of inheritance for women through the Faraid system must be reviewed and changed, says Cassandra Bal-chin, a freelance researcher, writer and human rights advocacy trainer."Right now, the rules of inheritance are outdated because they are interpreted according to historical context," Balchin, a Muslim convert, told the New Straits Times yesterday.Under the Faraid system, Muslim women get a smaller share of property than Muslim men because of their gender. "This does not reflect the reality of the situation. "These laws were made at a different time for a different society. Things have changed since."Syariah is a principle and not law and the law needs to be changed according to the circumstances because it's discriminative of Muslim wo-men."She also said that it was high time for Muslim women and men to be seen as equals."There are many laws and practices that are negative towards Muslim women but we want to change that because we feel that there is plenty of space in Islam for them to get a better deal and, most importantly, for equality of men and women."

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